Cailleach an Deacoin

Cailleach an Deacoin, the popular 1960s Gaelic comedian from the Isle of Lewis, is now available on CD for the first time from Clach Press.


Cailleach an Deacoin was a humorous character created by Murdo Matheson from Gravir, Isle of Lewis. He originally created the character after a committee was formed to raise funds for the local hospital in Stornoway. The Cailleach started off appearing in sketches, and then appearing to packed halls as a solo artiste at fundraising ceilidhs. He frequently appeared in Stornoway Town Hall, and the excerpts on this CD were recorded there in the late 60's and early 70's


Digitised from the original reel-to-reel tapes, the CD contains two excerpts from ceilidhs recorded in Stornoway Town Hall. As well as the excerpts by the Cailleach. Domhnall Ruadh from Ness tells about how the character came to be, and also recounts parts of Murdo life story. The two excerpts from ceilidhs last 24 minutes, and with additional material by Domhnall Ruadh, takes the total running time of the CD to 42 minutes.



Latest news 06. March - Sgilean ura son ceilidh air loidhne Bheir tabhartas bhon Corra Foundation, cothrom ga barrachd luchd ciuil is luchd eisteachd cuideachadh fhaighinn le ipad, fon agus computair. Bheir sin an cothrom dhaibh faighinn gu na ceilidhean sheachdaineach air loidhne. Bha 30 daoine a dol chun ceilidh ann an Steornabhagh gach Dihaoine agus  tha decihnear air taic fhighinn chun an seo. Sin fichead duine ri lorg fhathast.